Topic outline

  • Year 11 Controlled Assesment

    Welcome to the controlled Assesment Homepage for GCSE Graphic products. This year you are going to build upon skills and knowledge accquired in year 10 to help you research, design and make one of 3 shortlisted products. The 3 projects that you can undrtake are;

    1. Design and make a 4 fold CD case and promotional material for a school band.

    2. Design and make a stationery pack to be sold in gift shops across the world with either an Aztec or Oriental theme.

    3. Design and make the promotional material for a new animated ilm based around Jack and the Beanstalk.

    To help you manage your time this homepage has been split into the 5 areas that your controlled assesment will be marked against. you will be able to find a breakdown of all of the taks that you will need to complete in order to reach the higest grade you possibly can.

    In addition there is also a calendar feature to help you keep track of all of the project deadlines that you will need to meet.