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      Staff who teach the subject

      Ms K Laing Beverley High School

      Mrs A Weighill Beverley Grammar School

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        What's on offer?

        We offer AS and A level Psychology in the joint sixth form.   

        As a department we aim to:  

        1. Engage students in acquiring psychological knowledge & the contribution it makes to understanding human behaviour.

        2. Enable students to learn about how psychological knowledge is produced and how it can be used to benefit individuals and society.

        3. Support and guide students towards achieving their potential in the psychology examinations.


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          Teaching styles in the department

          We try to use a variety of teaching styles. In some lessons students will need to listen and take in a lot of new information, but this is presented in an interesting and engaging way. They will also have the opportunity to get involved in role plays, experiments, small and large group discussions where they are encouraged to question what they learn and to listen to the views of other students.

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            AS Psychology

            If you want to know the answers to these questions then psychology is for you.

            1.  Would your memory of a traffic accident be accurate?

            2.  Can animals learn to use a human language?

            3.  Is a schizophrenic someone with a split personality? 

            4.  Do we dream every night?

            5.  If you collapse on a train are you likely to get help?

            6.  How many people would be prepared to give a fatal electric shock to someone they had just met on the orders of someone else they had just met?

            7. How easy is it to diagnose mental illness? 

            8.  Do we learn to be aggressive by watching others show aggression?

            9.  Can a fear of horses be caused by fearing your dad?

            10. Is it ever really possible for the right hand not to know what the left is doing?

            Year 12: AS Pschology (see also OCR website below.)

            For AS Psychology, you study 15 psychological studies that have been very influential in our understanding of human behaviour. They cover a wide range of behaviours such as  gambling , autism, obedience, sleep and dreaming, and aggression. You will be examined on your knowledge & understanding of these studies in one module G541 which you will sit in June.

            You will also need to know how psychologists carry out their research, so you will study four different methods used by psychologists. You will be examined on this in Module G542 which you will also sit in June.

            There is no coursework requirement

            The examining body is OCR

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              A2 Psychology

              Year 13

              For A2 psychology you will learn about two areas of applied psychology:

              • G543 Clinical and Health Psychology, which covers psychological research on Healthy Lifestyles, Stress, Dysfunctional behaviour, and Disorders.

              • G543 Forensic Psychology which covers psychological research on Turning to Crime, Making a Case, Reading a Verdict, and After a Guilty Verdict.

              • G544 Psychological Approaches, Perspectives, Issues & Debates is the synoptic paper and includes the range of approaches and methods used in psychology as well as the issues that the research raises.  

                You will be examined on module G543 in June.

                You will be examined on module G544 in June. 

                There is no coursework. 

                The examining body is OCR.

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                Links to other useful websites 

                There are hundreds, but here are a few that you might find interesting or useful:

        (for details of the syllabus & exam papers)

       (this is the website that supports the AS course and will give you a good idea of what the course covers)

       (activities on memory, personality, emotion, intelligence)

       (activities, memory, visual illusions, the brain)

                www.bps.researchdigest (the British Psychology Society’s site where recent research by psychologists is summarized in short articles on a huge variety of behaviours. It will give you a good idea of the range of psychology)

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