At Key stage 3 pupils currently follow the East Riding of Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus.


  • Year 7 pupils study units on Religion in the Local Community; Beliefs and Belonging in Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism and in the summer term study a unit entitled Divine Intervention which is a philosophy-based unit.
  • Year 8 pupils currently study units on Visions, Values & Commitment which focusses on inspirational leaders. In the Spring term they investigate Sacred Earth focussing on caring for the environment and in the summer term, a basic introduction to Islam.  In the summer term there is sometimes a trip to places of worship of four different religions.
  • Year 9 pupils investigate Judaism and the Holocaust and then relate this to Human Rights issues. In Year 9 students will also begin their GCSE studies starting with the unit on Human Rights & Social Justice.  There is often a trip to the National Holocaust Centre where pupils get to meet a Holocaust survivor.
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