A Level


The Syllabus followed is Edexcel  A-level Religious Studies Paper 1 Philosophy of Religion (shared between sites); Paper 2 Religion & Ethics (BGS); Paper 4A Study of Religion: Buddhism (BHS) in both Years 12 & 13.

Student Skills Required

Students will need to be able to learn information and analyse it, make and criticise arguments, write essays and notes and read widely around the subject. Questioning minds are necessary. Students need not have GCSE in Religious Studies to take 'A' level, but where they have taken GCSE a Grade 6 pass is desirable.

Methods Of Assessment

Assessment is by three final examinations in Y13 each of 2 hours, one in each subject mentioned above.

Teaching Styles/Methods

The style of teaching will be varied between discussion, video clips, personal research/reading, student presentations and visual analysis.

Career Opportunities

Religious Studies leads to further study in fields of English, Law, Business Studies, History, Media, Art, Philosophy and - of course - Theology! It is valuable for university entrance and a variety of careers, including teaching, medicine, law, armed services, social work, police, accountancy/banking, politics and media.

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