1:) Retribution seeks to fulfill an aim, what is it?

Punishment imposed simply because an offence was commited.

2.) What would be the suitable punishment for denunciation?

One that reflects the blameworthiness of the offence.

3.) Spell DETERRENCE correctly

4.) Spell REPARATION correctly

5.) Incapacitation has two aims, one is to protect society  from the crime and so what is the other one?

The offender is made incapable of commiting further crime.

6.) Revenge is a word associated with which of the six main aims


7.) Rehabilitation seeks to reform offenders behaviour state 2 suitable punishments?

Individualised sentence

Community sentence

8.) Unpaid work, compensation orders are two of 3 suitable punishments for which of the six sentencing aims?


9.) Repayment is the key word associated with which sentencing aim?



Questions based on 'Key facts' Figure 14.4; Jacqueline Martin "The English legal system".  The 4th edition.







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