French and German 2009-


The course builds on the skills already gained in KS3, and aims to develop the ability to use the language for practical communication. There will be practice in Listening and Reading, and pupils will develop their skills to communicate in the spoken and written language.

Course Content
The new GCSE is a topic based course.

  • Lifestyle
  • Leisure
  • Home and Environment
  • Work and Education

The programme of study for year 10 is as outlined below:

Autumn Term 2009 - Lifestyle
Spring Term 2010 - Leisure
Summer Term 2010 - Leisure
 Relationships and Choices  
Free time and the Media
Free time
· Talking about self and others
· Free time and the media
· Shopping and money
· Relationships with family and friends
· Talking about new technology
· Fashion and trends
 Home and Environment  
Work and Education

Work and Education

· Talking about where you live
· What school or college is like
· Current and Future Jobs
· Town, neighbourhood and region
· Pressure and problems relating to school / school life
· Looking for and getting a job
· Where it is located and what it is like
· Advantages and disadvantages of different jobs
· Advantages/disadvantages of where you live
Speaking Assessment based on Home to be completed by the end of term
Written Assessment based on School to be completed by the end of term


The programme of study for year 11 is as outlined below:


Autumn Term 2010 - Leisure
Spring Term 2011 - Home and environment
· Plans, Preferences and experiences
· Current problems facing the planet
· What to see and getting around
· Being environmentally friendly within the home and local area
Written assessment based on Holidays to be completed before Half Term
Revision and Exam practice
· Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles
Speaking Assessment based on Health to be completed by the end of term




Two tiers of assessment are available - Foundation or Higher. Entry for Foundation or Higher papers depends on the ability that each pupil has shown during the course in all skill areas. Candidates entered at Foundation Level only will have a limit on the grade they can achieve.

Full Course:

Unit 1: Listening
Unit 2: Reading
Unit 3: Speaking
Unit 4: Writing
20% of the marks
20% of the marks
30% of the marks
30% of the marks
Foundation Tier – 30 min (+5 min reading time)
Foundation Tier – 30 min
Controlled assessment (internally assessed)
Controlled Assessment (externally assessed)
Higher Tier – 40 min (+5 min reading time)
Higher Tier – 50 min
Students submit for moderation two tasks.
Students submit for marking two tasks.
A range of question types based on pre-recorded spoken material in German.
A range of question types based on written material in German.

In Listening and reading there are two tiers of assessment: Foundation (C-G) and Higher (A* - D). Students may be entered for either Foundation or Higher in each of these two skills, e.g. Foundation listening and Higher Reading.

Speaking and Writing tasks are untiered. Differentiation is by outcome, not by task.

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