A Level Language


At present the students follow the NEAB English Language Syllabus which, consists of coursework and a terminal examination.

Student Skills Required

Students should enjoy language and be prepared to read a wide range of texts, literary and non-literary. They must be prepared to take an analytical approach to language and to study the technical, historical and social aspects of the subject. They must show commitment by becoming involved in positive, focused discussion as well as by keeping up with all written work.

Course Content

The course involves studying the following aspects of language: Language and society Language acquisition Language change Stylistics Investigation of language data Writing for a variety of purposes

Method of Assessment

The assessment consists of four components. 1. One 2 hr paper on Language issues and stylistics 2. One 2½ hr paper on Language use and Original writing 3. One 2½ hr paper on a case study, for which source material will be issued in advance. 4. A Language Investigation which will be done as coursework in Y13. All components carry 80 marks each.

Teaching Style/Methods

Lessons on topics which are new may be in a lecture style. Once students have familiarised themselves with the appropriate terminology most work is done in pairs, groups or as a whole class. Students may be asked to lead lessons and discussions or give presentations.

Career Opportunities

Apart from its obvious use to those who wish to study English later on, English Language is widely regarded as an excellent "underpinning" for many other subject areas. It encourages a logical and structured approach to language and develops in the student a sense of audience and the skill to communicate and write in a variety of appropriate styles.

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